Linden Grove – September 2015

Historic Linden Grove Cemetery and Arboretum

First established in 1843, with a little over 22 acres, the Historic Linden Grove Cemetery and Arboretum is the largest greenspace in the urban core area of Covington Kentucky. There are over 22,000 burials, and 250 individually identified and managed trees on their grounds.

The image below represents the poster sized map of this project.  There is also a companion Story Map, complete with interactive maps, narrative text, images and multimedia content.


Linden Grove Cemetery & Arboretum

Linden Grove Cemetery & Arboretum

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This NKYmapLAB project explores the solar potential in Kenton County. It identifies the total solar potential of Kenton County as a whole, the solar potential of individual cities, and the solar potential of city- and county-owned buildings. Finally, this project identifies the five areas of the county that have the most solar potential, and what the key assumptions are in determining solar potential.


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