Become a Business Client

What does a Business Client Receive?

  • A Business Client is granted access to and permission for use of current LINK-GIS digital data for a term of one (1) year.
  • The County Wide Digital Data Sets includes Aerial Photography, Buildings, City Boundary, Fence, Hydrant, Hydrology, Manhole, Parcels, Parks, Railroad, Recreation, Road (Edge of Pavement), Sewer Line, Spot Elevation, Street Network, Survey Monuments, Topography, Towers, Water Main & Zoning.
  • This data will be distributed by computer disc (CD) and/or File Transfer Protocol (FTP) site depending on the Clients needs.

How do I become a Business Client?

  1. Contact the GIS Department at PDS (859-331-8980) and ask for Trisha Brush or Joe Busemeyer.
  2. A LINK-GIS Data Agreement will be drawn up to meet the specific needs of the Business Client.
  3. The Data Agreement will be signed by both parties.
  4. The Business Client will receive the requested data and have access to current data via FTP for one calendar year.

How much does it cost to become a Business Client?

Data Client Fee Schedule
Campbell $1,500.00
Kenton $1,500.00
Pendleton $1,500.00
Any two counties $2,000.00
All three counties $3,000.00