NKYmapLAB Posters

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*Please note, some of the map files are large in size and may take a couple minutes to load.
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Map Lab Posters


Riverfront Commons – Devou Park to Pendery Park


Devou Park – Covington, Kentucky


Direction2030 – Concept Map


Drone Services Program – PDS
Covington – We’re glad you’re here!
Shelter in Place
PDS – FY1019 Annual Report


PDS – OpenGov
Erlanger – Stevenson Road
Landslides in Campbell County
Aerial Photo Collection


Website Analytics – PDS and LINK-GIS
LiDAR – Light Detection and Ranging
Riverfront Commons
Watersheds of Kenton County
UAVs – Registered with the FAA in Kenton County
Latonia Small Area Studay – Complete Streets
Watersheds in Campbell County


Trails of Kenton County
Landslides in Kenton County
Piner Tornado – 2012
Morning View Heritage Area
Farmer’s Markets and Vendors of Northern Kentucky
LINK-GIS Partnership Solution, Right-of-Way Management
Historic Licking Riverside Neighborhood
Ludlow Beyond the Curb
Crestview Hills Traffic Congestion
Transit Authority of Northern Kentucky


Energy Efficient Construction
Kenton County Bridges
Walkability – Sidewalk Connectivity in Kenton County
Parks of Kenton County
KY 536 Corridor – Traffic Patterns
Urban Tree Canopy – In the Cities of Kenton County
Baseball Across the Region – Northern Kentucky
Solar Potential in Kenton County
Historic Linden Grove Cemetery & Arboretum
Plan 4 Health
Buttermilk Pike – Orphanage Road Realignment