Adjusted Operation Details for LINK-GIS

LINK-GIS remains engaged fully in carrying out the responsibilities assigned to it by law, interlocal agreements, and contracts for professional services. We provide the following guidance to those who want or need to interact with our staff.

The vast majority of the LINK-GIS/PDS’ staff is working from their homes, but you can communicate with them by way of phone or email. Don’t come to our County Government Center offices unless you have a scheduled appointment. The staff person with whom you’re meeting will tell you how to access the office when they schedule your appointment. This is as much about your health as it is about staff’s.

Don’t bring other people or children with you. Appointments are limited to a one-on-one basis.

When scheduling an inspection, staff will ask COVID-19 related health screening questions and will postpone inspections if there are symptoms or have been an exposure to the virus. If an inspector on a site feels there is an exposure, he/she will ask the resident/contractor to reschedule the inspection.

Declarations and events will prompt changes to these parameters without much notice. If that happens, we will distribute those changes through and our social media platforms on Facebook and Twitter.