Digital Data by Tile

Purchase Aerial Photography, LiDAR and Planimetric data on a per tile basis. Use the Data Purchase map viewer to select the tiles of interest, then select which type of data to purchase and the format you would like the data in.  Click here to begin.

The Planimetric data includes Building Footprints*, City Boundaries, Hydrant, Hydrology, Manhole*, Parcels, Parks, Railroad, Recreation, Road (Edge of Pavement)*, Sewer Line, Street Centerlines, Topography, Water Main & Zoning.

* Layer is available only for Campbell & Kenton County

Aerial Photography:
TIFF Images with 4″ resolution for Campbell County (2016) and Kenton County (2014)
LiDAR Data:
LAS format
Planimetric Data:
Available formats include Shapefile (.shp), File Geodatabase (.gdb), DXF R2007 (.dxf), DWG R2007 (.dwg) and DGN V8 (.dgn)
$50 per tile

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Click HERE to search for information about specific data types (e.g., Buildings, Centerlines, Parcels, etc.).