GIS Team

Trisha Brush, GISP, PMP, Director of IT/GIS Administration

Trisha has been working in the GIS field since 1996 and with LINK-GIS/PDS since 2002. Trisha previously worked for Miami County, Kansas where she was their GIS Coordinator for five years and built their GIS from the ground up. She has a Bachelor’s degree from the University of Cincinnati in Geography, and a Master’s in Business Administration (MBA) from Baker University in Kansas. Trisha is a member of Kentucky Association of Professional Surveyors (KAPS), URISA, and she also is Past President and founder of the Kentucky Association of Mapping Professionals (KAMP).  For any questions regarding becoming a Business Client or Partner, Partnership Budgets, Outreach, LINK-GIS History, Work Program update or project resource approval, Trisha is the person to contact. Trisha’s passions are reporting ROI, marketing GIS via social media and building a resilient team through team building.

Tom East, GISP, Geospatial Solutions Architect

Tom has been with LINK-GIS/PDS since 1990 and has worked in the field of GIS since 1977. He earned his Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from Mississippi State University and began his GIS career with the US Army Corps of Engineers at the Waterways Experiment Station in Vicksburg, MS, where some of the pioneering work in satellite remote sensing of the environment occurred. Tom has also worked for the State of Mississippi as the Systems Manager for MARIS, the Mississippi Automated Resource Information System, one of the earliest statewide GIS programs in the nation. Since 1990 he has worked at LINK-GIS/PDS and applies his knowledge of GIS to the challenges of government at the local level. He is an enthusiastic amateur astronomer and volunteers at the Cincinnati Observatory Center, the Birthplace of American Astronomy.  For questions regarding Addressing, Ortho/Aerial Imagery/Photogrammetric capture or Street Centerlines/linear referenceing, Tom is the person to contact.

Christy Powell, GISP, GIS Applications Development Coordinator

Christy has been in the GIS field since 1994 and with LINK-GIS/PDS since 1996. Christy’s primary responsibilities are programming and web development. Christy holds a Master of Science in Geosciences with an emphasis on Geographic Information Systems and Remote Sensing from Murray State University. She is also a past President of the Kentucky Association of Mapping Professionals (KAMP).  In 2018 Christy was a member of the first class of KAMP Fellows.For questions regarding the LINK-GIS website, programming, App Development or GPS, Christy is the person to contact.

Joe Busemeyer, GISP, GIS Applications Developer Lead

Joe has worked in the GIS field since 2004 and with LINK-GIS/PDS since 2007. Joe’s primary responsibilities with LINK-GIS/PDS include developing web-based GIS applications, working with ArcGIS Enterprise, assisting Northern Kentucky agencies with specialized GIS projects and custom mapping. Joe also works with city administrators and emergency management administrators in Northern Kentucky to meet their GIS needs.  Joe earned his MA and BA in Geography, from the University of Cincinnati. Joe is a member of the Kentucky Association of Mapping Professionals (KAMP). For questions regarding the LINK-GIS website or map viewer content/functionality, programming or FTP data access, Joe is the person to contact.

Louis Hill, AICP, GISP, Geospatial Solutions Lead

Louis has been working in the GIS field since 2002, and with LINK-GIS/PDS since 2014. He has previous GIS work experience in Indiana and Illinois. Louis’ primary responsibility is to prepare analysis, maps, and other spatial data solutions that facilitate planning and public discussion on topics of community importance. This includes supporting the comprehensive planning implementation efforts of PDS, and other LINK-GIS project initiatives. Louis has a strong interest in cartography, and has received numerous awards for cartographic achievements throughout his career. He earned his Bachelor’s degree in Urban Planning & Development from Ball State University, and his M.S. in Information & Communication Sciences from Ball State University. Louis is a past President of the Kentucky Association of Mapping Professionals (KAMP). He served on the state’s Geographic Information Advisory Council (GIAC). For questions regarding NKYmapLAB, Cartography, or Story Maps, Louis is the person to contact.

Gladys Riaño-Cano, Geospatial Solutions Analyst

Gladys has a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering  and a Master of Science in  Metallurgic and Material sciences from the Pedagogical and Technological University of Colombia. She has been working with GIS since 2012 when she joined the university’s Geomatics and Environment research group, participating in projects such as the creation of tools to help decision-making for government entities, simulation of hydrocarbon spills on soils, and digitalization of protected areas and restoration.