About the initiative

Northern Kentucky mapLAB is a copyrighted, published product of Planning and Development Services of Kenton County. The goal of the initiative is to analyze a wide variety of tabular data and present them in a more visual format that facilitates understanding by the public and its elected leaders.

Suggestions for future analyses are always welcome.

To learn more about the implementation of Direction 2030, Kenton County’s comprehensive plan, click here. This plan guides growth and development in Kenton County and outlines goals, objectives, and implementation strategies aimed at making Kenton County a great place to live.

ESRI 2022 UC Presentation (Z21 + Site Readiness): https://bit.ly/3OAw8aG

ESRI 2019 UC Presentation (NKYmapLAB): https://arcg.is/1yybGS

ESRI 2019 UC Presentation (PDS Drone Services Program): https://arcg.is/04yKGa

LRBWT: http://arcg.is/1S094L