Bookmark Widget

The LINK-GIS map viewer toolbar also contains the Bookmark widget.  The Bookmark widget is a tool for book marking locations on the map viewer to revisit at a later time. Open the Bookmark widget by clicking the Bookmark icon in the toolbar. The icon looks like a book.

  1. Click on the “Bookmark” icon in the toolbar. The widget will open on the map viewer screen that is titled “Bookmark.”
  2. To view any existing bookmarks, click on any of the items listed in the bookmark widget and the map will zoom to the selected bookmark.
  3. To add a book mark, first zoom to the desired area or extent, add the name of the bookmark at the top of the widget, then click on the “+” button on the upper right hand corner of the widget to add a bookmark.
  4. To delete a bookmark, click on the bookmark you wish to get rid of, then click the “Delete” button located at the bottom of the widget.
  5. Close the widget by clicking on the “x” in the upper right hand corner of the widget, or clicking its icon in the toolbar.