Locate Widget

The Location widget is the second widget in the Park Finder map toolbar. The location widget uses your current location to find the parks on the map. This may require allowing your web browser to share your location or turn on location services.  The Location widget can be activated by clicking on the Location icon in the Park Finder title bar. The icon looks like a target.

  1. Click on the Location widget to begin conducting the location search.
  2. If asked, choose to “Share Location” so the web browser is able to determine your current location. Your location will appear on the map as a red pushpin.
  3. A one mile buffer will appear around the red pushpin and the parks that fall within a one mile radius will appear in a “Search Results” list in a panel at the bottom of the map viewer.
  4. Click on a park in the “Search Results” list to zoom to the park and to have the park information display in the panel at the bottom of the map viewer.
  5. If photos are available for a park, they will appear in the panel at the bottom of the map viewer.
  6. Click the arrow on the upper left side of the panel, “To Hide” the panel. Click the arrow again “To Show” the panel.